What We Do

Counseling and Immigration Process Program

This program is structured to promote the well-being and improve the quality of life for the immigrant or refugee.  It involves:

• Professional psychological counseling

• Personal guidance and assistance with immigration appointments, proceedings, and other related matters

• Appointment with social worker

• Projects that improve the social progress of the victimized migrant population


Immigrants of all nationalities in Argentina

Helping Process

•The individual will complete a form with their personal details and receive psychological and legal counseling as needed.

• The social worker will determine what assistance FCM can offer the individual and make appropriate referrals.

• A chronogram will be developed as to when and how FCM will begin to help with the immigration proceedings.

The Individual is responsible for presenting the proper documentation asked for by the National Direction of Migrations

Informative Program about the Immigrant’s Human Rights and Integration into Argentine Society

We present several lectures and workshops to carry on the message of equal rights regardless of nationality.  We actively cooperate with other organizations and institutions that share or mission in hopes to create a network of support for the immigrant and his or her culture. 


Help Argentine society develop a conscious respect for immigrants and establish a successful intermix of cultures in order to achieve an equal society for all of our beneficiaries, all Argentine citizens, and all foreigners. 


FCM presents a series of lectures about immigrants and their interaction with Argentine society.  .