Our objective is to improve the immigrant’s knowledge about his or her rights and be able to receive their necessities of life.  This will offer the immigrant more respect, increase human dignity, and the overall well-being of the immigrant.  

Free Legal Counseling

Fees will occur based on paperwork needed

Legal Services:

• Birth Certificates

• Death Certificates

• Wills

• Marriage Licenses

• University Degrees

• Business Licenses

• Court Rulings

• Driver’s License

• Criminal Record

• Power of Attorney

• Notary athorization and authentication

• Translations

Immigration Process:


• Regularization

• Worker’s Visa

• Student Visa

• Appointments with Dirección Nacional de Migraciones, (DNM) Argentina’s immigration offices

• Notarization of documents

• Filings

Legal Consultation:

Foreigners’ Rights:

• Migration Forms

• Argentinean Citizenship

• Permanent Residency

• Assistance with DNM

• Filing a Claim

• Legal Challenges

• Helping minors leave the country

• Worker’s rights under Law number 26.202

• Business Claims



Link to Dirección Nacional de Migraciones


Extra Information