Spanish for Foreigners

The search for better life conditions, both educational and work-related, is a common dream and right for all human beings.  Argentina is a country that is rooted in migration, which has given the country its historical, cultural, social, and economic customs.  Currently, Argentina is familiar with the process of mixing a diverse range of populations.  It is important to note that a large amount of the immigrants in Argentina do not speak Spanish, the country’s native language.  For these individuals the learning of Spanish is essential for their integration into society.  By offering these classes we are taking a step closer to creating an equal, multicultural, and respectful society. 


On October 19th will begin the Spanish-Chinese classes, from 13 to 15 hrs. Registration is required.


For further information about the classes and to enroll in a class please contact us at  Please include your contact information, nationality and age. 

Workshops for the Everyday Woman

taller de la Vida Cotidiana de la Mujer

This is a therapeutic workshop lead by professionals.  The purpose of these workshops is to create a network of support for all immigrant women. 


The workshop focuses on the empowerment of women and learning to enjoy life even at the worst times.  We will also work on leadership and team building skills. 


Spaces are limited.  Please contacts via phone to sign up: 5256 6680 / 6681


If you are a woman immigrant we invite you to participate