Our History

Fundación Ciudadanos del Mundo was established in 2008 as a direct result of the disheartening situation and vulnerable state that immigrants and refugees are exposed to in Argentina and around the world.  We live in a world that deals with immigration processes in a very simplistic manner.  For this reason our societies have developed a fear of the unknown and Things that are different. 


This fear is the reason why immigrants and refugees quickly become victims of discrimination, cultural and religious hate crimes, and stigmatization.  These circumstances alongside the affects of being away from one’s home country hinder the immigrant’s possibilities of integrating and actively participating in his or her new society.  This is a loss for both the immigrant and the new society; given that the immigrant can further enhance the society by creating a healthy social and cultural interchange between nations. 


Fundación Ciudadanos del Mundo was therefore funded as a space that promotes the combination of cultures and respect for immigrants and refugees alike.  We aim to assist each individual in all of the aspects of his or her migration. 




We aspire to collaborate in the construction of a society that is rooted in the principles of diversity, inclusion, and respect.  In conjunction with other human rights organizations    we strive for equality and integration for all residents of our communities.  


Our mission is to support, accompany, and represent any and all immigrants and refugees residing in Argentina.  This will help lessen the harshness of the challenges and obstacles that the individual may encounter while being introduced to a new society.  We will continue to develop programs and workshops to offer long-term assistance to our beneficiaries and therefore create a higher quality of life. 


1. To stand in solidarity with immigrants and refugees in Argentina and around the world and act as a mediator in the fight for their rights. 


• Inform the individual about his or her rights in Argentina.

• Inform the individual about national assistantships for basic needs.

• Accompany the individual during the legalization process of his or her documents in Argentina.



2. Aid the individual with his or her social and cultural interchange in Argentinean society.


• Offer the individual Spanish classes that will be essential for social integration.

• Offer space and time toreflection with a professional psychological team that will provide support and




3.Develop programs for the Argentinean society that will call for a safe and healthy cohabitance for all residents.  


• Present lectures and workshops that will inform society about the immigrants' struggles.


4. Offer workshops for immigrants to help them become aware of the national and local laws, the economy of the country, and the social mannerisms.  


• Fight for human rights

• Respect for diversity and cultural enrichment

• Respect for the human dignity

• Stand in Solidarity